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Payflo and DataBlend partner to extend reach of automated check fulfillment services

February 28, 2022


Payflo announced a partnership with DataBlend, an Integration Platform as a Service…

Payflo and DataBlend partner to extend reach of automated check fulfillment services

North American companies can now automate their check payment workflows through seamless integrations with major ERP and Payroll Management Systems.

MONTREAL, QC Canada, February 28,2022: Payflo, A leading provider in physical check fulfilment services in North America today announced a partnership with DataBlend, an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solution that allows accounting and finance professionals to create secure data integrations. The new partnership aims to expand Payflo’s digital integration capabilities for customers that are using the check payment option, and for Payflo to facilitate check fulfillment automation for DataBlend customers.

Payflo delivers an array of payment processing services for business, including Checkflo, the cloud-based service that enables businesses to automate & outsource their physical check processing, printing & disbursement. DataBlend delivers turnkey integrations that enable accounting and finance teams to securely connect applications to manage transactions and deliver critical business information.

With expanding system integration capability through a pre-built integration from DataBlend, Checkflo platform will provide 100% digital efficiency and convenience to businesses that use the check payment option by connecting to their digital ERP and HR Payroll systems. The service will also be available via API or .csv file upload without the requirement of a pre-funded model. Payflo will serve as the physical checks fulfillment vendor for DataBlend customers, as part of the partnership.

“Payflo’s goal is to enable businesses to pay with physical checks with the same speed and simplicity as other digital payment methods”. says Rob Sigal, President & CEO of Payflo Inc. We are excited to work with DataBlend to create positive new consumer experiences”.

“We are committed to supporting business teams by providing easy-to-use integrations for quickly setting up connections and building end-to-end workflows,” says David Furth, CEO & President of DataBlend.  “We are happy to partner with Payflo to enhance customers’ experience.”


About Payflo:

Payflo is a cloud-based platform that provides digital disbursements and physical check fulfilment services to SMEs and large enterprises across a wide range of industries that need to automate their payment process. This includes Checkflo, physical check writing and fulfilment / logistics services with full audit reporting and tracking services. Checkflo accommodates single or multiple designated bank accounts set up, whilst ensuring bank level security and automated authorized signatory workflow approvals. Connect with Payflo at  or @Payflo and @Checkflo.


About DataBlend:

DataBlend is an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solution designed exclusively for CFOs, controllers, and their teams. Featuring a no-code, low-code workflow builder, DataBlend allows accounting and finance professionals to create secure and worry-free data integrations.  Companies use DataBlend to collect and join data from multiple sources, build workflows, and automate events so users are never without real-time data access. DataBlend’s intuitive interface makes it easy to manage all application integrations from a single platform, eliminating the need to rely on IT resources to manage multiple, point-to-point connections. Connect with DataBlend at


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