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KyckGlobal and PayFlo Partner to Offer Digital Disbursements for US and Canadian Businesses

February 10, 2022


KyckGlobal, an emergent financial technology firm specializing in streamlined digital payments, and…

KyckGlobal and PayFlo Partner to Offer Digital Disbursements for US and Canadian Businesses

Expanded digital payment array improves reach to engage more consumers around the world

ATLANTA, GA. – February 10, 2022 KyckGlobal, an emergent financial technology firm specializing in streamlined digital payments, and PayFlo,  A leading provider in physical check fulfillment services in North America, today announced a partnership to expand PayFlo’s digital disbursement options for its customers in the United States and Canada, and for PayFlo to provision checks for KyckGlobal.

KyckGlobal features a cloud-based payments engine with fifteen unique payment types from which the recipient may select. Access to different payment methods allows businesses to reach both banked and underbanked customers around the world. Payflo delivers an array of payment processing services for business, including Checkflo, a cloud-based service that enables SMEs and large corporates to automate & outsource their physical check processing, printing & disbursement.

KyckGlobal will provide a technology layer via API integration to enhance PayFlo’s existing array of payment methods. Newly-available payment types from PayFlo will include PayPal, Venmo and push to card, and numerous cross-border solutions: push to account, wires, international ACH and others. All payments originate from PayFlo’s single point of reconciliation with integrated reporting and optimized payer and payee experiences. PayFlo will serve as the provisioner of physical checks issued from the KyckGlobal platform, as part of the partnership.

“KyckGlobal believes that inclusivity is a critical ingredient in the recipe for success in cross-border commerce,” said Ashish Bahl, Founder and CEO of KyckGlobal. “We’re excited to work with PayFlo to deliver unprecedented customer reach”.

“We believe that this new capability will help us meet our customers’ demand for secure, compliant and timely digital disbursements options alongside the physical check payments” says Rob Sigal, President & CEO of Paymentflo Inc. “We are happy to partner with Kyck Global to meet new customer demands and expectations.”

About PayFlo Payflo, a leading provider of physical check fulfilment services in North America, provides a one-stop service for small, medium, and large enterprises across a variety of verticals that need to digitize their payment process. This includes physical check writing and fulfillment/logistics services with full audit reporting and tracking services. With expanding service capabilities on the digital front, Payflo is able to offer digital payment services across partner payment rails with accredited fortune 500 global enterprises linking individual and corporate store value accounts via an omnichannel approach. Connect with Payflo at   or on LinkedIn @Payflo.

About KyckGlobal KyckGlobal streamlines outbound B:C payments to accelerate business and optimize the payee experience, featuring a cloud-based platform with a robust array of payment types from one point of reconciliation. KyckGlobal delivers choice in payment type, faster speed to payment, and more inclusive payment types for an improved payee journey. For corporates, the solution reduces overhead, increases transparency, and improves payee loyalty and retention.  

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